At MPI Papers colour coating is not merely a process; it is the beginning of an idea that can transform into different patterns and shades. The only restriction to the diverse palette of colours and textures is the limitation of your imagination!

We produce an innovative range of colour coated paper and board in a choice of colours, finishes and thickness. matt and gloss colours ranging from soft pastels to full-strength, deep poster shades, day glow fluorescent colours and luxurious pearlescent hues, sparkle effect colours and chromatic interference shades... the possibilities are endless.

The capability to coat on one side or both sides with the same colour, or a different one on each side, along with a range of textured finishes builds an impressive palette of products that enhances the creativity of any end application.

Our asset is our ability to customise features to provide the desired colour and finish; with a variety of effects, prints and embossing patterns.
Please note:
• The product images on the screen are representative, and the colour may differ from the actual product.
• If you wish to place an order, we recommend you ask for a printed sample.
• All product coatings can be done on 1 side, both sides and in bi-colour.