Welcome to MPI PAPERS
At MPI Papers colour coating is not merely a process; it is the beginning of an idea that can transform into different patterns and shades. The only restriction to the diverse palette of colours and textures is the limitation of your imagination!

We produce an innovative range of colour coated paper and board in a choice of colours, finishes and thickness.
Our Products
PosterPrint (PPT) is colour-coating with a matt finish. Available in 32 exciting colours and different grammages
GlowPrint (GPT) is an exciting range of dazzling fluorescent colour-coated paper and board
LustrePrint - Silver
LustrePrint-Silver (LST-S): shades selected in this range exhibit a classical silver-pearl hue.
LustrePrint - Gold
LustrePrint-Gold paper and card is a favourite base for wedding cards, fancy boxes, carry bags and packaging
LustrePrint - Chroma
LustrePrint-Chroma (LST-C): this exotic collection of lustre coated paper and board
LustrePrint - Royale
LustrePrint-Royale (LST-R): a truly exclusive set of deep, sophisticated colours with a hint of metallic sheen.
SparklePrint (SPK) coating gives off a brilliant sparkle like thousands of tiny mirrors scattering light in all directions.
Textured effects on colour coated paper give it a richer look.