• At MPI Papers colour coating is not merely a process; it is the beginning of an idea that can transform into different patterns and shades. The only restriction to the diverse palette of colours and textures is the limitation of your imagination!

    We produce an innovative range of colour coated paper and board in a choice of colours, finishes and thickness. matt and gloss colours ranging from soft pastels to full-strength, deep poster shades, day glow fluorescent colours and luxurious pearlescent hues, sparkle effect colours and chromatic interference shades... the possibilities are endless.

    The capability to coat on one side or both sides with the same colour, or a different one on each side, along with a range of textured finishes builds an impressive palette of products that enhances the creativity of any end application.

    Our asset is our ability to customise features to provide the desired colour and finish; with a variety of effects, prints and embossing patterns.

    Please note:

    • The product images on the screen are representative, and the colour may differ    from the actual product. 
    • If you wish to place an order, we recommend you ask for a printed sample.

    • All product coatings can be done on
    1 side, both sides and in bi-colour.
  • PosterPrint (PPT) is colour-coating with a matt finish. Available in 32 exciting colours and different grammages, the PPT range is ideal for use in a variety of applications. The coloured paper is also given a special anti-curl coating to impart a superior lay-flatness.
    The colour pigments used have special fade-resistant properties. The coated surface is suitable for most printing processes, embossing, foil stamping and other converting operations, and can be used for photocopying and printing through laser printers. Formulated from water-based systems, PPT products are non-toxic and safe for children to use.

  • GlowPrint (GPT) is an exciting range of dazzling fluorescent colour-coated paper and board. Ideally suited for posters, POP and eye-catching displays; GPT has been carefully formulated to provide greater resistance to fading. Moreover, the strong paper base used can withstand rough weather conditions remarkably well.

  • LustrePrint constitutes an unending palette of pearlescent colours with an array of special effects.

    LustrePrint-Silver (LST-S): shades selected in this range exhibit a classical silver-pearl hue. These perennial shades are always popular for gift wrapping, decorations, greeting cards, envelopes, and printing.

  • LustrePrint constitutes an unending palette of pearlescent colours with an array of special effects.

    LustrePrint-Gold (LST-G): the appropriate use of colours in this range causes the pearlescent coating to transform itself into a glittering golden effect. LustrePrint-Gold paper and card is a favourite base for wedding cards, fancy boxes, carry bags and packaging.

  • LustrePrint constitutes an unending palette of pearlescent colours with an array of special effects.

    LustrePrint-Chroma (LST-C): this exotic collection of lustre coated paper and board spins a magical play of colours flowing into each other with sublime fluidity. The enchanting yet luxurious iridescent effect makes this product an ultimate material for creative ideas, be it for graphic applications or for packaging.

  • LustrePrint constitutes an unending palette of pearlescent colours with an array of special effects.

    LustrePrint-Royale (LST-R): a truly exclusive set of deep, sophisticated colours with a hint of metallic sheen. This representation of majestic colours attracts and inspires the designer to create objects with unmatched excellence.

  • SparklePrint (SPK) coating gives off a brilliant sparkle like thousands of tiny mirrors scattering light in all directions. This product displays a twinkling effect and is available in a range of attractive colour shades. SparklePrint is the preferred choice for the creation of appealing wedding and greeting cards, with its brilliance and sparkle designed to garner complete attention

  • GlossPrint (GLS) is characterised by a deep colour coating with a glossy surface on one side. This product exhibits good folding endurance and is widely used for paper craft applications. The GlossPrint coating is resistant to abrasion and dampness making it a suitable choice for gift wrapping and self-adhesive labels

  • Textured effects on colour coated paper give it a richer look. Textures lend an elegant finish to the coated surface by enhancing patterns and designs in a mix of exciting colour combinations and finishes.

    Effects like embossing add an eye-catching graphic element to coloured paper, giving it a new dimension.

    We have a desirable range of motifs and patterns to choose from, but we can also customise the effect as per the design provided by the client
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